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Welcome to the Ulluriaq School Website. Ulluriaq School is in the Inuit community of Kangiqsualujjuaq in the northern region of Quebec. Students from Kindergarten to Secondary 5 attend our school and learn in Inuktitut, French and English. We use this website to highlight a variety of special events. Enjoy your tour!

Celebration of Education

To commemorate the near end of the school year, Ulluriaq School held a “Celebration of Education” event on May 28th. It was a wonderful event where teachers, students, and parents came together to celebrate academics in our community.

The day started by welcoming all parents to visit the classes during the morning. Parents had a chance to meet the teachers and experience what everyday learning is really like. It was a very cozy open-house style atmosphere.

In the evening, everyone gathered in the gymnasium for the main event. Nancy welcomed everyone to our celebration and the Kindergarten classes opened with a song. There were speeches by the Education Committee President, the Commissioner and some of our former graduates who are now attending CEGEP. Each of the speeches highlighted the importance of education for the future of Nunavik.

Healthy Food Fair

On Wednesday afternoon, March 25 we united in the gym for our second, Ulluriaq Healthy Food Fair.  During this time, students had the opportunity to sample 8 different healthy foods.

To start the event all students were grouped in the middle of the gym.  At this time a few words about health were said to start this event.  Then we began the food fair by presenting their taste tasting cards.  Each homeroom teachers served a healthy food with much satisfaction and happy bellies.  Newly featured was a blender bike which blended smoothies as students biked.

Students looked forward to this event and once again it was a successful one. 

A huge thank you goes out to Melanie Picard, our Healthy School Counsellor who made all of this possible through the KSB Complementary Services. 

We are on the right road towards a healthier life.

Primary Qimutsik Excursions

Once again this year, the IPL groups and their teachers Daniel and Annie Annanack organized dog team excursions for all the students in primary. Jako and Daniel mushed groups of students to Old Woman's Lake where they had a tent set up. The students made fires, ate lunch and hunted ptarmigan. Students and teachers really enjoyed the excursions. The IPL boys and girls did a super job at helping out and taking good care of the younger students--GREAT WORK!

A big thanks to Brighter Futures for providing the funding to make these excursions possible.

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Inuit Games 2015

A big thanks to Maxime and Traugott for organizing the Ulluriaq School Inuit Games. There were events for all ages of students in the school. The primary students competed on Day 1 and the Secondary students assisted with coaching and officiating. The secondary students competed on the second day. It was the second anual Inuit Games event—and it was great fun for everyone!

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Handmade Soap

The IPL Girls class from Kuujjuaq recently visited Ulluriaq School. Suzanne and her girls came to run a workshop for our IPL girls on how to make soap. It was a wonderful experience. Students learned the process of soap making and build some new relationships as well.

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Ulluriaq Science Fair

Ulluriaq School recently held a Science Fair for secondary students. Primary students and staff were invited to visit the exhibits in the gym. The projects were very well done and were very interesting. The winner of the 2015 Ulluriaq Science Fair was Julianne. Teresa and Julianne represented Ulluriaq at the Ungava Science Fair in Kuujjuaq. A superb job done by all teams that participated!

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100th Day of School

The 100th day of the year marks the half way point in our school year. Classes had been counting since the first day of school. When the big day finally arrived, students celebrated by playing 100th day games in their classes. Only 80 more to go until summer vacation!

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Teacher Appreciation

The week of February 2 was Teacher Appreciation Week. Our teachers work so hard and are so dedicated to student success in our school. Non-teaching staff and students decided to show appreciation towards our beloved teachers by preparing a surprise lupper (between lunch and supper). It was a wonderful event. Thanks so much to all the teachers at Ulluriaq School—you make it a great place to be!

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UFHL - Ulluriaq Floor Hockey League

Ulluriaq students have been recently diagnosed with “floor hockey fever”.  Students in Primary and Secondary each belong to a league with four teams.  At the start of the season, there were captains chosen and an official “draft” was held to select players. League play occurs every week in the gym at the school. Players can check the internet for the latest update on player and team stats. Regular league play will continue until March—then its playoff time! A big thanks to Healthy Schools for funding this project. An even bigger thanks to Maxime Lalande for his work as the UFHL Commissioner.

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Ulluriaq Cam

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