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Welcome to the Ulluriaq School Website. Ulluriaq School is in the Inuit community of Kangiqsualujjuaq in the northern region of Quebec. Students from Kindergarten to Secondary 5 attend our school and learn in Inuktitut, French and English. We use this website to highlight a variety of special events. Enjoy your tour!

Inuit Games 2014

A big thanks to Maxime and Catherine for organizing the Ulluriaq School Inuit Games. There were events for all ages of students in the school. The primary students competed on Day 1 and the Secondary students assisted with coaching and officiating. The secondary students competed on the second day. It was the first time Ulluriaq School hosted an Inuit Games event in about 15 years—and it was great fun for everyone!

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Healthy Food Fair

This year, a Healthy Food Committee was created at Ulluriaq School.  The committee planned many events but the BIGGEST one was the Healthy Food Fair.  Every homeroom class was ask to select and prepare a healthy food or snack to share.  On Wednesday, March 26 afternoon each student had the opportunity to sample 7 healthy foods of their choice from the many choice food stations.  Food brought smiles and happy bellies.  Students and teachers enjoyed this event and are talking about making this a yearly Ulluriaq event.  Learning more about healthy foods is the beginning of a healthier body and mind.  Check out the photos and witness the joy for yourself.  :)

Proudly presented by the Health Committee,

Anne, Jessica, Ella and Heather

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Inuit Culture Day 2014

The Inuit staff Ulluriaq School recently organized a Culture Day event. Several tents were put up behind the school to re-create a traditional village. Elders shared their knowledge by demonstrating their expertise on a variety of subjects. There were a variety of sewing exhibits. Some demonstrated how to prepare caribou hides. An igloo was constructed, in addition to a half and half igloo/tent.  Students were also shown how put nets under the ice. There were many other exhibits for all to see and participate in. All of the tents were serving delicious foods that everyone could enjoy. The entire day was a wonderful experience that was enjoyed by entire community. An enormous thank-you to all the Inuit staff at the school for planning this wonderful day. A big thanks also goes out to the IPL students for their help with putting up the tents and getting firewood. The entire event was funded by Healthy Schools.

Primary Qimutsik Excursions

Once again this year, the IPL groups and their teachers Daniel and Annie Annanack organized dog team excursions for all the students in primary. Darrel  and Daniel mushed groups of students to Old Woman's Lake where they had a tent set up. The students made fires, ate lunch and hunted ptarmigan. Students and teachers really enjoyed the excursions. The IPL boys and girls did a super job at helping out and taking good care of the younger students--GREAT WORK!

A big thanks to Brighter Futures for providing the funding to make these excursions possible.

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Teacher Appreciation

The week of February 10 was Teacher Appreciation Week. Our teachers work so hard and are so dedicated to student success in our school. Non-teaching staff and students decided to show appreciation towards our beloved teachers by preparing a surprise breakfast for all of them. It was a wonderful event. Thanks so much to all the teachers at Ulluriaq School—you make it a great place to be!

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Ulluriaq Science Fair 2014

Ulluriaq School recently held a Science Fair for secondary students. Primary students and staff were invited to visit the exhibits in the gym. All of the projects were very well done and very interesting. The winner of the 2014 Ulluriaq Science Fair was Julia. The second place finisher was Andrea. The third place team was Julianne, Teresa and Juan. The third place team represented Ulluriaq at the Regional Science Fair in Salluit. A superb job done by all teams that participated!

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100th Day

The 100th day of the year marks the half way point in our school year. Classes had been counting since school started on August 19. When the big day finally arrived, students celebrated by playing 100th day games in their classes. We wrapped up the day by having all primary students go outside for a group picture. A big thanks to Felix for climbing on the school roof to take the picture.

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Compassinate School and PBIS

The Compassionate Schools and PBIS program is still moving forward at Ulluriaq School. This is the second full year of the implementation and we are seeing a lot of success. After preparing the school matrix of expectations and starting to collect data on behaviour problems last year, we have started to move to the proactive teaching of acceptable behaviours by homeroom teachers, with follow up and consistent response.

Christmas Fesitivities

The Christmas Season is a time for celebration for everyone at Ulluriaq School. Students once again prepared songs and skits for parents at our annual Christmas Concert. The staff also celebrated at the Ulluriaq Staff Christmas Party. Lots of fun games and wonderful prizes. A big thanks to everyone who helps out with planning and running these events. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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Ulluriaq Cam

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